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Environmental Policy

Trade Counter Distribution Limited is committed to sound environmental practice and to plan and update its practices in response to advances in technology and new understanding in environmental science. The Company will take demonstrable actions for continual improvement in the furtherance of the principles of this policy.                                                         

This policy will be reviewed annually and covers all Company activities on all sites.

The Company will:

Comply with all relevant national and international environmental regulations and will commit managerial resources to implement the environmental policy.

Commit to continual improvement and prevention of pollution.

Seek to re-use, recycle and recover raw materials wherever possible.

Seek to conserve scarce and non-renewable resources, such as energy, in all operations.

Aim to maintain the highest degree of control on emissions and discharges of materials to the environment and thus continually improve our performance where economically viable.

Continue to be attentive to the needs of employees, local residents and local ecology, so far as its operations are concerned.

Seek to ensure suppliers and contractors do not operate to environmental standards which conflict with the Company’s policy, which is available to any interested parties.